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How To Make The Most On Your School Loans Consolidation

There are many school loans consolidation programs out there. And practically all of them offer more or less of the same thing - savings on interest rates and making your debts more manageable. But just how do you make the most them?

First things up - it does pay to shop around for the best interest rates from one lender to another. This does not mean that you hop from one lender to another and take on consolidation debts with each of them. Rather, it means that you get a quote from at least three lenders and compare notes on their interest rates and their payment terms.

Always, the lower the interest rates on your school loans consolidation, the lower the amounts that you have to pay on your school loans consolidation program. The interest rate on a school loans consolidation is fixed. It can go lower, but never higher.

If you pay on time, then you will benefit from reduced interest rates. An example of this is when you agree with your lender to an interest rate of 5%. You also agree that your lender will reduce your interest rates by .25% if you pay on time, without fail, for the next 24 months. The simple math is that after 24 months of judicious payments, your new interest rate will be 3.75% (5%-1.25%).

With a loans consolidation program, it is easier to set up an automatic payment system from your bank account to your lender's bank account. Automatic payment can also reduce your interest rates from between 0.25% to 0.5%. With this kind of set-up, your bank account is automatically deducted the monthly payment on your loans consolidation.

In order to maximize the benefit of your loans consolidation, try to pay off all your loans as early as possible. Because the shorter time that you pay off your loans, the more you will save on interest.

As a tip, do not be content with just paying the monthly due, try paying more each month. Suppose if you have a student loan amounting to $60,000 at an interest rate of 5.5% and if you have the option of a ten-year term of a thirty-year term. If you choose to pay off in ten years, you pay around $90,000, but if you pay in thirty years, you will end up paying $120,000. We need not tell you that $30,000 is a lot of money in savings.

Make your variable Stafford Loans a priority in your debt payment. Try consolidating your Stafford loans within six months after graduation. And just why should you do this? Your interest rate rises 0.6% six months after graduation.

The benefits of school loans consolidation can only be emphasized if you contrast it with what you have to pay out if you do not subject your loans to consolidation. Aside from bad credit ratings, students with unpaid loans have lesser chances of acquiring a house or a brand new car (through a housing or car loan) if they default on education loans.

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