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Who Needs Unsecured Consolidation Loans?

Unsecured consolidation loans are perfect for people who do not want to risk their assets as with secured consolidation loans.

Like other consolidation options, unsecured consolidation loans get you on the road of untangling your myriad of debts by rounding up the payments of all your debts under one single loan. The interest rates on these consolidation loans are definitely lower than your previous debts, but they charge higher interest rates than, say, secured consolidation loans.

Unsecured loans are not secured by collateral, like real estate, cars, boats, or expensive jewelry. You do not even have to be a homeowner or an owner of valuable property. Practically the only things that you need to prove to your prospective lender are that (a) you have a good credit rating, (b) you have the capacity to pay.

The minimal requirements are the plus side of unsecured consolidation loans. The downside, however, is that interest rates on unsecured consolidation loans are higher than secured types of consolidation loans.

Majority of people, however, opt for unsecured consolidation loans, because they get a crack at consolidating their loans without having to risk their assets. If you already have a good credit history to qualify, it goes without saying that the best time to apply for unsecured consolidation loans, is when you have not defaulted on your loans, or when your credit history is still not tarnished.

Your capacity to pay consolidation loans is determined by your employment history and current employment. Thus, your guarantee to the lenders of consolidation loans is the proof that you are able to pay your dues as they come.

There are many lenders of consolidation loans on the market today. When you read up on their terms, you will most likely find out that you cannot obtain consolidation loans if you do not meet the minimum criteria of good credit history and proof of employment.

Different providers of consolidation loans have different turn around times for approving applications. You can, however, determine at the onset if you qualify for an unsecured consolidation loan. Since you will only be required to prove that are "credit worthy" by having a good credit history and that you are employed, you will know where you stand if, indeed, you apply. A missed payment that went into your credit report or a bankruptcy filing are both flag signs of disapproval. But there can also be other signs. Just check with your lender to be sure.

Since credit reports are not always accurate and many times, if not most of the time, reflect bad scores, you would do well to get an updated credit report every time after making a full repayment of your loans. If you do this, you at least have documented proof of credit worthiness when you apply for consolidation loans.

If you have substantial debt, you are still credit worthy for unsecured loans, and can apply for that kind of loan with your prospective lenders. Just remember to keep your credit report and proof of employment on hand to prove your eligibility for such loans.

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